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Professional car radio and navigation Repair

If the expensive hard built Navi spins it must be mostly repaired. The path then often in the authorized workshop. Yes there is the usual way to go . But if you you will notice further REFLECTING something that in a car workshop, no electronics or computer specialists work that might help here . Because for computer is usually in very modern navigation systems. Our Vision Center Rep repairing her broken device quickly and conveniently sher .

The krMedia service for Sophisticated automotive components can be repaired perfectly and expertise with the defective Navi here . the krMedia Service has specialized in the repair of radio and navigation equipment of the major manufacturers such as Becker , Bosch, Blaupunkt, Siemens VDO and Continental. It also devices from Opel , Ford , Porsche and Mercedes Expertly repaired.

It is important that you package your item for shipment shockproof. A sturdy cardboard box with newspaper makes your navigation system arrive safely with us . Please remember that your order confirmation that they have received by mail enclose printed on the program . If you do not have a printer please include well- Readable your address and email address in , so that we can assign the broadcast.

repcenter.de specializes in the repair of your defective navigation system and car radios . Our well trained technicians with years of experience are able to repair your Navi cheaply and quickly in OEM quality. Our repairs are offered at a fixed price including shipping costs.

Fast Navireparatur defect navigation system? Read error ? Will not Start? Flash repair with us for a fixed price !

repair vw rns 510 welcome

My VW RNS 510 Continental shows only the welcome screen the. So there will only be shown the VW logo. Then the power goes out again! Can you repair this problem? Answer: Of course, we could elimi...

We have bought a VW passat 2010 with RNS310 naviga

Whom It May Concerns, We have bought a VW passat 2010 with RNS310 navigation. (We have only Germany FX navigation CD) The RNS310 data's are: 3C0035270 software version:0357 Hardware version:H15 Reg...

Volkswagen RNS 510 - System Start Repair Service

Volkswagen VW RNS 510 - System Start Repair Service System Startup Failure It frequently happens do not want to boot with this software generation of VW Volkswagen radios Navis of Continental and S...

Volkswagen RNS 510 Weißer Bildschirm

Hallo ich lebe in der Schweiz und bin nächste Woche bis Januar in Detmold mein Navi RNS 510 zeigt nur noch einen weißen Bildschirm es funktioniert alles ich kann nur nichts mehr sehen. Kann ich mal...


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